Gromark Consumers Enterprise Pte Ltd (“Gromark”) is the legal proprietor and/or registered owner of Crystal Tomato® brand and products.

It has come to Gromark’s attention that the website (www.mdstomato.com) of an infringing brand “MDSstal Tomato” has reproduced Crystal Tomato®’s official website (www.crystaltomato.com) identically and/or substantially through mirroring every content including visuals, copywriting and layout, which consist various intellectual property created and/or owned by Gromark.

Upon careful perusal of the website, we note that the same contained our company’s contact details and other particulars, which inevitably will mislead the public into believing that we are manufacturing, distributing, supplying, selling and/or offering for sale the infringing products or connected or associated with the infringing products or the owner of the said website, which is untrue and false.

We also note that the registrant and/or owner of the website has replaced every mention of Crystal Tomato® with the brand “MDSstal Tomato”, and every image of Crystal Tomato® products is doctored to carry the “MDSstal Tomato” brand instead, which are acts clearly calculate or aim to deceive and/or confuse the public.

The packaging of the “MDSstal Tomato” product also mimics the box design of Crystal Tomato®, which is a direct infringement on the registered marks owned by Gromark.

Gromark would like to stress to all users of Crystal Tomato® and the public that this website www.mdstomato.com and the linked brand and product(s) are not products of Gromark and/or connected and/or associated with Gromark and/or our Crystal Tomato® products at all.

Apart from blatant infringements of Gromark’s intellectual property rights, we consider such actions to be highly deceitful and unethical. The public should be mindful of such blatant attempts by this infringing brand to intentionally mislead consumers, through trying to pass off as the actual Crystal Tomato® – the only skin-lightening supplement which is medically proven through clinical trials and published by peer-reviewed medical journal.

Gromark reserves all rights in this matter.

Yours sincerely,
Gromark Consumers Enterprise Pte Ltd

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